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  1. KK
    KK at | | Reply

    Something wrong with the first track Esperanza.

    there is no sound from 0:49 – 0:51

    anyone notice that ? or this is only me ?

  2. KK
    KK at | | Reply

    alrite, thx so much.
    always support u

  3. ano
    ano at | | Reply

    Which is better AAC or MP3?

    Thanks for sharing 😉 Kana amazing!

  4. aditm
    aditm at | | Reply

    hi there, I’m sorry but is it the real CD rip? and for the AAC, is it 256 kbps VBR or CBR? thanks a lot 😀

  5. ano
    ano at | | Reply

    Thanks for the reply, I don’t know which is better, but at least I’ve a positive comment about AAC.

    I’ll cling on mp3 for ;3

  6. WinterBunny
    WinterBunny at | | Reply

    The links aren’t working for me/anymore.
    Is there anyway I can get just the song ‘esperanza’? 🙂

    you can email me at:

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