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  1. jasper
    jasper at | | Reply

    I think I discover a great treasure on the internet and that is your blog. I really appreciate for your sharing of many high quality video.

    Btw, i think there is a problem at the beginning of this .ts file, may be it is corrupted and also lead to failure of converting it to other format like mp4. Cutting .ts is quite troublesome…………..

    Anyway, please keep on your hard work!

    1. w31
      w31 at |

      i always use Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate to convert .ts to other format like mp4 too…
      i don’t know if this still usefull or not if i answer this in 2014…
      hope u read this…thx…

  2. nancy
    nancy at | | Reply

    hello, i think im agree with jasper´s comment, i think the video has a problem. Also i tried to convert it to another format, like .mpg, but it happened the same.

    I hope you can fix this problem, because i really loved this pv

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. razion
    razion at | | Reply

    hello… ^_^
    i’m agree with above both comments…
    but, i have one more request…
    may you upload every HD MV at gotupload… since i am from Indonesia too (all ISP is suck T.T)

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